I’m not very good at these biography type paragraphs so you’ll just have to bear with me. My name is Rachel, I’m twenty-two years old and I’m from the west of Ireland but currently living in Dublin. I wish I had a whole lot of interesting things to tell you about myself but I’m very unexceptional.

I suppose, I’m a pretty typical twenty-something year old. I’ve recently returned to university to study a postgrad in Librarian and Information Science after living at home for a year with my family. To be honest, I’m just trying to figure life out and that’s really what my blog posts will be about… it’s an adventure and you can read about them if you want โœŒ๏ธย I’m also trying to experiment with writing poetry or little rambles I suppose, with the idea of them, somewhat, expanding into short poems. โค

20 (random) things about me ๐Ÿ˜ฎ:

  1. I have a BA degree in English and Social & Political science.
  2. I love animals and own several (3 cats, 3 dogs, a donkey and many chickens).
  3. I’m generally more of a cat person but my dog, Heidi, is my best friend.
  4. I have missing joints on both my thumbs.
  5. I’m a very fussy eater when it comes to meat. I’m a big fan of fish though.
  6. The 19th century is my favourite time period. I love the idea of the Victorian era and the British monarchy at this time….although I’m not British.
  7. My favourite authors are: Margaret Atwood, J.D. Salinger and George Orwell.
  8. My favourite songs are: Holoscene (Bon Iver), Eve the Apple of my Eye (Bell X1), and Youth (Daughter).
  9. I used to play piano but I haven’t played properly in years and I’m not very good.
  10. I’m a little bit of a Disney nerd.
  11. The Fox and the Hound is my favourite Disney movie but Belle (from Beauty & the Beast) is my favourite princess.
  12. I’m the eldest of four children.
  13. I’m a Hufflepuff, Gemini and INFP (although, I did the mbti test again recently and it’s changed to ISFJ?).
  14. I’m an introvert but I’m also very chatty (sometimes).
  15. I’m a tea enthusiast.
  16. I’m also also very enthusiastic about alcohol but that’s slightly frowned upon…
  17. I’ve worked as a waitress since I was 16 but I’ve recently started my first non-waitressing job as a library assistant (it’s lovely).
  18. I either dress really fancy or I just look like a hobo, there’s no in between.
  19. I’m only fluent in English but I can have a decent conversation in Irish and I know a small standard of French. I also studied a year of Spanish but I’ve forgotten the majority of it.
  20. I have a birth mark on the heel of my left foot.