Growing up I was always a cat person. We’ve always had cats and dogs around the house but I definitely preferred cats over dogs. They’re smaller, easier to cuddle and their purrs always make me sleepy but then we got Heidi. I can honestly tell you I have never loved an animal the way I love her! I became a Heidi person from the moment I met her.

Last August my sisters suggested getting a puppy between us. Since we were children we’ve always had several dogs around our home; however, all these dogs (excluding a boxer my brother once owned) have been gun dogs, primarily springer spaniels. My father and brother both hunt game birds so these dogs, although definitely part of the family and loved, were never really pets. My sisters wanted a dog that we could allow indoors and bring to the groomers and basically, spoil! When we spotted Heidi in a photo amongst her siblings we knew we wanted her. She’s a mixed breed and to be honest, we couldn’t 100% tell you what mixture of breeds she is, although we’re pretty sure her mother was a mix between a Spaniel and Jack Russel. She stood out in that photo though, her siblings looked more similar to Jack Russells, Heidi looked like she belonged to a different litter!!

Heidi is possibly one of the most spoilt dogs you could ever meet and I’m pretty certain she knows she’s spoilt. She loves ham but hates chicken, she’s fond of socks and will happily throw her toys aside in favour of them, she refuses to be outside in the rain and absolutely adores tummy rubs. She is my best friend, she’s the only one that can make me smile when I’m down and is always a great motivation for exercise (because I would never get out for a walk before she arrived).

On Tuesday, it’ll be officially one year since we bought Heidi and €50 is definitely not enough for the amount of love and happiness she has given us in that time! Couldn’t imagine a life without her now!!


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