Feelings towards God

I am not religious. I was baptised Catholic, I occasionally go to mass but I am not religious.

I think if my mother read that above statement she wouldn’t speak to me for a year! She’s not the most religious person you’d ever meet but she’s very much certain of her faith and likes to go to mass and pray whenever possible. Growing up we were always encouraged to go to mass frequently and it’s very much part of my childhood in a way but I never really felt attached to God. How can I feel love for something I can’t be certain exists? 

“Religion doesn’t make you a better person, intelligence and kindness does. Religion doesn’t feed the poor, good people with big hearts do that. Just remember that….” 

~ Don Freeman.

So I don’t have a religion but I do have faith in fate. I don’t need a God to map out my life for me and to guide me in the right direction because I know life will work out regardlessly and I’ll end up where I need to be. There’s good people and bad people in every walk of life, every religion, race, and background. I’m okay with having no God, I learn from life! I’m not perfect but I try to be kind and compassionate and caring, I don’t need a God to tell me to be those things!! 


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