The most amazing adventure of all

Growing up with someone it becomes difficult to see them as anything other than the innocent child they once were. My earliest memories contain happy moments of days out together at the beach, and playing catch around our house on a sunny, June afternoon. In fact, my whole childhood centres on the two of us spending every passing day together. Being two years older, I was given the responsibility of looking after him and protecting him as we set off on our adventures into the neighbouring fields to climb trees and collect pet frogs. Every day we had something new to do, our heads were full of endless ideas and exciting exploits. We built little hideaways in trees, storing books, plasters and silly gadgets there for future voyages, we captured spiders and other insects in shoe boxes in a crazy attempt to be scientists, and I fondly remember our attempt to create a man-made river in our field only for it to be refilled shortly later to be replaced with our poor bid to make a bike track. We were young, naïve and had wild imaginations but they truthfully were the best memories I have to look back on.

As I got older that close relationship we once had slowly disappeared. After he began secondary school our quality time together became limited to watching him play the PlayStation. We became more interested in our friends and social lives while our younger sisters took over our safe haven of our tree houses and voyages through the fields. Our lives took two separate roads and honestly I can’t remember us spending much time together beyond family trips which also became more and more limited as our social lives got busier. Around the time of his fifteenth birthday he wanted to spend gradually more time away from home. I was in sixth year and outside of time studying for my Leaving Cert I was spending time with my friends and planning Graduation and Debs dresses, we had no time for each other and had zero interest in each other’s lives.

Now at twenty-one and nineteen we seem to have matured enough to want to spend more time with family. Both of us are currently back living at home and while we no longer head off on adventures in our wellies and raincoats we do spend more and more time discussing our friends and future aspirations. At 6’4’’ he towers almost 8 inches above me but he’ll always be the little boy I used to walk the fields with.


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