A very short, not very happy, update

I met a boy who was lovely to me until he stopped being lovely and didn’t care about me anymore.

Now I’m alone, again.


I fell too hard

I get more comfort from the bottle than I do from him and maybe it’s enough for most but I need more

I need more than the random texts, more than the odd day out, the special attention he only seems to give me when we’re both drunk

God, how did I let myself care so much? Being with him fucks with my head but I still can’t fathom the idea of being without him

I think I fell too hard.


Follow the motion my lips makes

As they fold out honest words

Into the universe for you to hear

And only you.

They’re not sweet like honey

But from them,

You have seen my bare nakedness

In ways very few have seen of me.

Every painful secret I have hid away for years

And years.

Perfectly preserved and saved to recite off

When the time became right,

When the person became right.