They twist and turn in my gut

Fighting to be free

I starve to cut my stomach open

Let them pour out into the unknown

Only for you be in the know.



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Little White Dust

Little white dust

Splashed across the kitchen table

Lying in plain sight for all to see

An exciting invitation.


But the mind, it can play tricks

You went down that road before

We can all see where this story will go.


This invitation will become an extended stay

Excitement quickly goes

(It’ll leave you with pain).

You know better than us all,

White dust doesn’t seem so little once you’re hooked.




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Train Tracks

It runs deep into my veins

Running like train tracks throughout my body

Destined to hit my heart like a tornado in full force.


You’ve been absorbing my thoughts

These barriers built into my arteries

They’re slowly being smashed down and torn apart.


Promise me this train will run smoothly.




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International Women’s Day

I’m a day late with this post but as you all know, yesterday was international women’s day, a day that’s significantly important for all of us 21st century women. This post is not so much about international women’s day though, I really want to complain about the absolute distasteful remarks made online. I was made really angry on Twitter reading the ridiculous amount of tweets by people, mostly men to be honest, questioning the need for women’s day and slamming feminism because they feel women have enough equality today. Because THEM, as men, don’t see the horrible treatment we receive as women. Because THEY don’t understand why we need to constantly fight to be treated right. As Bob Dylan’s song The Times they are a Changin’ goes “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand” but then they don’t understand it and they don’t care either. There’s so many reason’s women need feminism. Not only are we fighting a fight for the millions of women who’ve gone before us, fighting to be heard but there’s so many things that still need changing for the millions of women that are yet to come.

I experience inequality on a regular basis. Just last week I had men shouting “SEXY, SEXY, SEXY” out of their car window as I waited for my bus. I don’t want to hear that. It’s not a compliment. It doesn’t make me feel good about myself. Instead I feel embarrassed, awkward and very, very self-conscious. In December, I was out in a nightclub with my best friend who I rarely see. We were ordering cocktails at the bar when I felt a strangers hand in between my bum, I swung around and told him to stop and then turned back to order my drinks. Not even two minutes later the same man did it once again and I don’t mean a gentle pinch or slap, he was full on groping me. I again turned back and told him to stop, this time he was laughing and blaming it on his friend like it was some funny joke. I turned around again, trying to order my drink when I once again felt his hand back there, I had to get the security guard who had a bit of a talk with him but of course, he didn’t get thrown out. This is just me, a twenty-two girl but this is a regular thing for girls all around the world. My sixteen year old sister gets called “TITS” by some boys in her class because she’s big chested, why is this okay? We need international women’s day because women STILL, CONSTANTLY, face inequality but yet there’s still some guys out there who think it doesn’t exist. That we just want more. I just want to be able to wait for a bus without getting shouted at by men in a car or be able to go for a few drinks with my friend without some man feeling like he has some sort of right to grope me and then think it’s a funny joke!

Happy (belated) International Women’s day to all the amazing women there is that constantly has to deal with these issues and so many more day by day. Women that constantly have to worry about things that might seem stupid to guys but are a regular occurrence for us. We deserve more than just ONE day, we deserve a life time of days that we can feel safe and unashamed of the bodies we were born in!




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“What are you thinking?”

“What are you thinking?”

He asks,

Daring to challenge my thoughts.

It’s funny,

I can’t answer that.

I don’t know what I’m thinking

And I wouldn’t say what I was thinking even if I do know.

Do people ever say what they really think anyway?


I look at him,

Smile brightly

“Just study, I swear”

And he nods, relieved,

Turning back to read his book about religion

While I continue to stare blankly

Into space.



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The happiest meal

I will lie down,

Let the roots of the past destroy me

And wither away into the ground,

Allowing the earth to feed off my naked body

And eat the goodness of my flesh,

The happiest meal.


I don’t deserve to live here,

My bones, they belong to the world that gave them being.

They can disintegrate,

Becoming one with each other

And then you can walk

Along my eternal home.